How would you say "soon" in Japanese? I know that it's generally すぐ, but it seems like there's way too much nuance to すぐ than there is with the English word, since it can also mean "immediately" (which literally has the opposite meaning...)



When I was staying in the US, I asked Americans the opposite question.

I found it challenging to grasp the nuances of phrases like "soon (もうすぐ)" "right now(いますぐ)" "immediately(すぐに)" "in a moment(まもなく)" "a little longer(もう少し)" For me, "soon(もうすぐ)" usually implies about 5 to 10 minutes.

@isidai For me, soon is anywhere between the next few hours and the next few days... It's quite broad in terms of length of time, but I feel like it's usually hard to misunderstand in English due to context 🤔

@kurisu @isidai I think もうすぐ actually has a similar context-dependent tolerance (compare もうすぐ着きます and もうすぐ発売日です).

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